RAJAKU NEGARA - Virtual Royal Exhibition


Under the banner of ‘Rajaku Negaraku,’ COEXRT embarked on a pioneering project to bring the regal experience of the Royal Museum of Malaysia (Muzium Diraja) to the fingertips of people nationwide, regardless of their location. Utilizing state-of-the-art Virtual Reality technology, we digitally recreated the royal exhibition held in conjunction with the Coronation of the 15th YDP Agong in 2017. Our immersive VR platform provides a unique opportunity to virtually explore the exhibition, showcasing the regalias and royal belongings in stunning detail. This virtual experience has been shared through numerous roadshows across the country, allowing people who couldn’t physically attend the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur to be a part of this monumental event. With ‘Rajaku Negaraku,’ COEXRT has paved the way for accessibility and inclusivity in sharing our nation’s rich royal heritage.